Top 5 Online Marketing Trends 2013

For the past few years, marketing has taken a new shape, with the emergence and evolution of the Internet. Gone are the days when you would rely on print media and television advertising to market your products. Mobile marketing, Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Content Marketing and Ecommerce have changed the way you market your products or services and will continue to rule the roost in the marketing segment. Let’s take a look at some of the expected online marketing trends 2013.

  1. Online marketing for revenue generation

    Online Marketing is an effective revenue generation mantra. However, a recent study conducted by the Fournaise Marketing group found that 73% executives don’t believe in the power of marketing to drive demand and revenue. But in 2013, this mind-set will change, and more business leaders will start to realize the critical role of online marketing in revenue generation. A popular online marketing trends 2013 will be a shift in the role of marketing activities, from traffic and lead generation to sales growth and revenue generation.

  2. Mobile marketing is here to stay

    With smart phone devices and tablets becoming all-pervasive, it is indispensable for any online business to have a mobile web presence. An increasing number of consumers are expected to go online with mobile devices in 2013 to take advantage of the power of real-time communications before making a purchase decision. This year, smart businesses will not rely on push-marketing; rather, they would start to utilize more real-time events based on inbound marketing activity. Every interaction that your sales, finance, development, and executive teams shall have with a prospect or existing customer will be a promotion of your brand and services. So the online marketing trends 2013 predict that every employee will be like an inbound marketer for the company and they will clearly understand the importance of online presence.

  3. Social media gets integrated

    Nobody can question the Role of Social Media in Increasing Conversions and attracting wider audiences. In 2013, social media will become more integrated with inbound marketing practices. The year will see savvy marketers leverage data from social media for marketing purposes. Advertisers have already started creeping into every aspect of a user’s online behavior to improve content personalization, calls-to-action, and segment email messages, with an aim to increase customer conversion. Paying attention to customer feedback and using it to better the overall ad experience.

  4. Content is the king

    This year will see an increased focus on quality content. Small businesses will need to create quality content and promote it using search engine optimization, social media, among other online channels.  A few years back, having an online presence was a big thing for small businesses, and all they needed was occasional updates on their websites, Today, the scenario has changed greatly, and having a credible online presence has become a challenge for most businesses. You need to put 70% of your effort in creating good, valuable content, using industry leading on-site SEO tactics, and applying off-site promotion tactics to create a buzz about your content. Businesses with more serious content will certainly see great gains in terms of ranking high in search engines and attracting target audience.

  5. Growth in Analytics

    With the growing interest in monitoring who is talking about their brand and what influence their opinions carry, an increasing number of businesses are now interested in monitoring analytics. Analytics help monitor performance of a website and measure and optimize the company’s marketing efforts, thus saving precious time otherwise wasted on looking for prospective customers and building connections. Following analytics is one of the best ways to know your potential audience, who share common interests and goals, and then focusing on building relations with them.

Bottom Line

The online marketing trends 2013 point toward a bigger role for consumers, so having a good relationship with customers is crucial for any small business looking to have a remarkable online presence. The year will see consumers becoming marketers and deciding the fate of a business.

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Ahmed is a professional Web Designer and Developer with over 12 years of experience. He is currently Head of Designers & Developers at enFusionWeb and two other major companies.