What is WordPress CMS?

One of the most popular content management systems, WordPress is a quick, affordable, and easy-to-use open source platform that is being used by millions of websites, and the number is only increasing! As an intuitive CMS, WordPress allows you to store, set up, manage, and retrieve web content and seamlessly run your own website. Some people mistake WordPress as only a blogging platform. However, it has increasingly become an affordable alternative to traditional CMSs that allows small businesses that don’t have a big budget to create and manage their online presence.

Feature rich

As a CMS, WordPress provides you with a platform to upload and manage content and administer the back end of your website. As an open source platform, WordPress comes for free and is highly customizable. It uses hypertext Pre-processor scripting language, which is commonly known as PHP, and MySQL  as its data storage and management system. Some of the WordPress features that have made it a widely popular blogging platform as well as content management system include:

  • Plugins to add more functionality
  • Easy-to-edit Widgets
  • Template system
  • Customizable Themes
  • Integrated Link Management, with a clean permalink design best for SEO
  • Easily Make unlimited pages and blog posts
  • Content styling and formatting options

Another classic feature of the WordPress CMS is that it supports pingbacks and trackbacks, giving you the option to track different links of other authors that refer their content pages and link them. The WordPress plugin feature allows you to develop any key feature according to your choice.

Easy-to-Use Interface

With a simple interface, WordPress boasts an excellent comment spam filter and also allows you to control the comments stream on your blog posts. To a small business, WordPress meets all your needs when it comes to creating, managing, and maintaining your online presence.. It comes quite cheap – cheaper than many other web platforms. Moreover, as a CMS, WordPress is fairly easy to use and doesn’t involve any complexity, unlike other traditional CMSs that are full of bugs or fatal error messages.


WordPress is an evolving content management system, which is easy to customize in order to reflect the changing business requirements. WordPress allows non-techies to create their own websites and change features on your site even if you are unfamiliar with coding. However, you can always hire a professional website development firm that can help you use advanced features and create a custom WordPress template, closely reflecting your business goals and products and services.

SEO Friendly

Since customization of the platform is fairly easy, it allows you to design and integrate search engine optimization features and create a web design reflecting the look, feel, and brand of your organization. What’s more, you can customize your search engine results using SEO tools. This means your WordPress website has a greater chance of featuring on the first page of Google. Learn more about Search Engine Optimizations.

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